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Resident Advisor (RA)

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What is an RA?

The Resident Advisor (RA) is a full-time, undergraduate or graduate student who – under the supervision and direction of the Community Director – serves as an educator, counselor, administrator, role model, friend, and team member for the residents of a floor or wing in a residence hall.

The RA works to create and maintain a healthy environment for the academic and personal growth of the students within their assigned living unit. In carrying out his or her duties, the RA is expected to treat other students, supervisors, and fellow employees with courtesy and respect.

What kinds of people apply to be RAs?

You don’t need to have been the student body president of your high-school, the captain of a sports team, or the leader of a student organization to understand what leadership is. Resident Advisors (RAs) are simply students who understand that a leader is developed, not born.

The Department of Housing and Residential Education provides some of the greatest true-to-life training a student could ask for. By working for Housing, YOU could develop skills for the future, succeed academically, and make friends for a lifetime.

What's the general timeline?

Mandatory Information Sessions: November
Application opens: November 

Interviews Round 1: January
Interviews Round 2: January

Click here for specific up-to-date deadlines.

Should I apply for on campus housing?

If you plan to live on campus whether you are offered the RA position or not:


  • Elect to sign up and complete a Housing Application during the Regular Housing Application Process
  • A candidate should consider this option if they are/were planning to live on campus for the 2017-2018 school year independently of their consideration to apply and interview for the RA position.
  • If selected to be an RA, we will assign you to an RA Staff Room and transfer your contract to the new RA Staff Room assignment. 


If you ONLY plan to live on campus IF you are offered the RA position:

  • Elect not to Sign Up/Complete Housing Application during the Regular Housing Application Process until after the Candidate Has Been Notified of their Offer for the RA position.
  • A candidate should consider this option if they did not originally plan to live on campus but have since been offered an RA position.
  • As a staff member that has been offered an RA position you will then complete your housing application and then our assignments team will assign you to a RA staff room. 

Note: The Housing Application will remain open beyond the returning resident process, but your options will be limited the longer you wait to sign up for a bed space. 

Questions not answered here?

If the links at the right do not answer your questions about the position and how to apply, please contact LaVel Heintz at

We hope to see your application to be an RA very soon!

Please click the below link to access the online application. It will take you to the application website where you will need to web authenticate using your onyen and password. Once you have logged in you will see the landing page. It will be blank as there will be no “action items” for you to complete until you begin the application. Navigate to the left hand side of the screen and select “job profile” to begin the process and create your profile. Once created you can access the “job postings” and apply for the open position. You will receive a confirmation email once you submit a completed application with any follow up steps you need to be aware of. In future visits to the site, any action items that you need to do to complete the phase of the process will be visible on the home page.


Please click on or copy and paste the web address found below into your web browser to access the application.