Current Residents

Summer Housing

Summer campus housing is available to all undergraduate and graduate students who are registered for at least 3.0 credit hours each session. Your housing application will be compared against Summer School course registration records to verify enrollment.

You do not have to apply for campus housing for the entire summer. You can live on campus for only the sessions in which you will be enrolled in classes.

The residence halls open for Summer School sessions are selected based on projected enrollment and anticipated renovation projects scheduled for the summer. Locations for Summer School housing in 2017 are: Graham, Aycock, Stacy, Everett, and Lewis. 

For those with a Spring assignment in a Ram Village apartment, you will be assigned to your same apartment for the Summer. If you are assigned to an apartment for the Fall term, the housing office will assign you to that apartment if it is availble. Apartments are only available to students with a spring or fall assignment to an apartment. 

Financial Aid
If you are receiving financial aid for the summer please contact the Office of Scholarships and Student Aid to be sure the financial aid deferment is posted to your account for the appropriate summer school session.

In recent years, demand for Summer School housing has been high, and we recommend that you apply early. Summer school housing applications will be processed in the order that they are received until all available bed spaces are filled. Summer housing is not guaranteed for students enrolled in summer school, so it is important that you submit your summer school housing application as soon as possible.

Moving In/Out
Unless you are assigned to the same room for both Summer Sessions, you will need to complete checkout procedures and remove all personal belongings prior to closing of each Summer Session.