Current Residents

Summer Housing: Cancellation

To cancel your Housing Contract, you must do so in writing, directly with the Housing Office. Notifying other University departments of changes to your plans will not cancel your Housing Contract. You may cancel your Housing Contract by emailing the Department of Housing and Residential Education at (recommended) or by faxing a letter to 919-962-1006.

If you defer payments through Financial Aid, you are responsible for any cancellation penalties assessed. Typically, Financial Aid does not cover cancellation penalties; therefore, students are individually responsible for assessments made to the student account.

  • Prior to Occupancy
    If you cancel your Housing Contract prior to the official opening date of the residence halls (or whenever you accept the key, whichever is earlier), you will be responsible for a $50 cancellation charge.
  • After Occupancy
    If you cancel your Housing Contract after the official opening date of the residence hall or taking possession of a room key, whichever occurs first, you will be responsible for prorated rent.
  • Prorated Rent
    Prorated rent is determined by multiplying the room rate by 25%. This weekly rate is then multiplied by the number of weeks from the official Contract start date through the date when proper checkout procedures have been completed. Prorated rent is charged by the week, and each new week begins on Sunday. Rent is only prorated for the first 3 weeks of each summer term. After the 3rd week of the summer term, residents are responsible for the full amount of the housing costs, regardless of the number of weeks the resident actually occupied the room.