Residential Technology Services and Support


ResNET is made up of student RCCs (Residential Computing Consultants) living in your residence hall or community that can assist you with IT questions and problems. For more information on the ResNET program, please visit

 These students are responsible for providing educational and service programs each semester on a wide range of technology related topics.

If you need assistance at any point, please contact us:

  • Call (919) 962-HELP and ask for on-site support from ResNET.
  • Visit Walk-in locations at the RB House Undergraduate Library and SASB. (See for hours)
  • Submit a Help Request or chat online with a support analyst via the Help Site at
  • Your local RCC’s are located in apartments 1401-112 and 1800-318. Feel free to knock on their door (at reasonable hours please)!


Setting up your computer to access the UNC wired network is simple!

  • You should have a wired network card (Ethernet Card).
  • A wired network card requires an RJ-45 Ethernet cable, which looks very similar, but larger, than a phone cable.
  • To connect to the UNC Network, you first need to register your network card's MAC (physical) address for DHCP service at using a computer already connected to the network
  • To register your MAC address, you will need your UNC Onyen ID & Password and your network card’s MAC address.
  • Registering a Vonage system with UNC requires the same steps. Visit our IT Help Site for detailed instructions on how to setup your device for our network at

You will also be prompted to install Network Access Control (NAC) when you first try to connect to the UNC Network. Be sure to follow the on-screen instructions. More information about this software along with a link to setup instructions can be found by visiting

There is currently wireless access in Baity Hill in each apartment.  Our RCCs will help you setup and configure your personal devices for the UNC Network.  Personal routers are prohibited as they cause interference with the campus Wi-Fi.


In order to stay connected to the network you need to have your computer secured and updated. Make sure to update your computer with the latest security updates/patches. You must have anti-virus software installed, which you can get for free from our shareware site. (Note: computers without the necessary patches and protection will be automatically removed from our network in order to protect other users).


We provide a wide range of channels via a Cable TV connection. HDTV channels are also available for residents with a HDTV and an HD tuner. Be sure that you set your TV to auto scan for new channels after it’s connected. For more information or for the channel lineup, see